What is a Great Christian?

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• Follow up to “What is a Great Church”
• Christian is Christ’s man
• Jesus is accepted as Lord and Master.
• One who has fallen in love with Jesus
• Four terms applied to Christians in N.T.
I. A Believer– Acts 16:31
• Deals with a realm of the will
• “believe in” means to “rely on”
• He, Jesus Christ, becomes the “power of attorney”
• Who are you “relying on”
• F-Forsaking, A- all, I- I, T-trust, H-Him.
• Is Jesus master in the realm of your will?

II. A disciple– Matthew 11:29
• Deals with the realm of the intellect
• Willing to be taught and trained by the Master
• Implies discipline- the decision to go God’s way instead of your own way.
• Without discipline we are not sons– Hebrews 12:5
• Here is learning truth, correction, and forgiveness from the Savior.
• Must take up the cross daily and follow Him– Matthew 10:38
• A change of disposition- John 13:35

III. A Follower– Hebrews 6:11-12
• Follower deals with the realm of the affections
• A person who loves Jesus with a devotion sufficient to follow Him wherever He may go.
• Joy in his Master’s companionship
• “I’ll go where you want me to go.”
• “I’ll say what you want me to say”
• Getting under the burden
• Getting all the sidelines and into the battle-– Jesus only took time off for rest.

IV. A Brother– I John 3:14
• No brother should wish to succeed or be happy at the expense of the failure or misery of any other member of the family, John 4:20 John 13:35
• A Christian must be willing to help and share
• One must be willing to defend the family name

• To be Christ’s man is to be saved
• Christian designation begins miraculously with the new birth
• A Christian is saved from a self-life to a Christ-life
• A true Christian has fallen in love with Jesus
• Jesus is all the world to me– My life– my joy– my all. He is my strength from day-to-day, Without Him I would fall.
• When I am sad to Him I go– No other can cheer me so. When I am sad– He makes me glad. He’s my friend!
• Are you His friend?