He Suffered! Can We Do Less?

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• Suffering is a stark, staring, reality.
• All ages have suffered.
• All nations and races have suffered.
• All individuals suffer.
• Suffering is inevitable.
• Suffering inescapable.
• Suffering may take many forms- physical, disease, mental, sense of loss, etc.

I. Suffering May Be Due to Human Neglect.
• Man neglects his responsibilities
• Famine, flood, and fire often could be mitigated and totally avoided.

II. Suffering May Be Due to Human Malice
• Wars
• Persecution
• Atrocities and inquisitions

III. Suffering May Be Due to Human Ignorance
• Ignorance and stupidity
• Carelessness and sin

IV. Suffering May Be Due to Satanic Attack
• Oppressed by the devil-– Acts 10:38
• Satanic attack-– Luke 13:16
• Satanic possession– Mark 9:14-29
• (non-Christians)

V. The Fundamental Cause of Suffering
• “Because we are a child of Satan.”
• Joint-heirs with the legacy of sin and death
• “wrong environment”
• “Through unbelief and negative attitudes”
• “Through sin and disbelief”
• “Death reigns as a result of Adam’s Sin”
• Words of Noel Brooks

VI. Suffering Within the Will of God
• Providential use of pain
• Punitive Suffering– Deuteronomy 26:58-61
• Chastisement– Hebrews 12:5—1
• Trials (because of goodness)– James 1:2,12
• Vicarious Suffering– Isaiah 53:4-10
• (Christ is our example)

VII. Two Warnings
1. Do not easily assume that personal suffering or sickness is the will of God
• Resistance- not resignation

2. Even if the will of God– do not assume that it is inevitably permanent.
• Paul– permanent
• Job– temporary

• The Redemption of the Body-– Romans 8:23
– (the resurrection and glorification of the body)
• The help of the Holy Spirit– Romans 8:26
– (Prayer– deliverance – Grace for suffering)
• Workings of Providence– Romans 8:28
• The Present Day is But A Season
• Eternity is Coming!